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This is a tiny page of being mentioned in the printed media. I am very happy to have had the chance being featured. I appreciate it so very much.

Advanced Photoshop Magazine
Issue #44. May 2008. Featuring

Get a copy of issue #44 here. I have to thank Julie from the magazine very much, she was very kind while goinig through all this with me. And gasp, even being mentioned on the cover (it's small but still a cover mention, no?). There's also a tiny article about angelic inside, I had not expected that. It really makes me smile. I had to scan this, it will not happen every month, so I must archive ^^ Happy me.

This is the tiny article. So very sweet. Thank you very much.

And a photo of the page showing my brushes and the CD since the magazine is too large to scan whole pages of it, I took this one to show. Looks nice, I think. And I must say the CD is soooo great, it's so interactive and posh in a way. I appreciate it so much to be a part of it all!!! :)


I love extremis
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