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Welcome to the original Photoshop brushes created by shiricki.
Proudly presenting 5 years of brush experience.

Archive started: 04/29/02
Archive completed: 07/07/07

Photoshop Brushsets: 350 official sets
Special edition: +25 secret sets

Brush Member Count:
11,347 active angelic members registered
status of April 2, 2010

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All brushes are free to be downloaded.
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Yes, really. All completely free! I felt unhappy with all this brushes-for-sale thing since a while already. When I started creating brushes in 2002 all sets were free. Then all the people downloading my brushes killed me with the bandwidth fee, so I had to setup this donate-for-the-brushes system. After a while this did not pay either, so I started to sell them ... . Until today.

Since a few weeks already I decided to offer all brushes for free again. For not a cent, for nothing, free as a bird can be. But I did not want to rush things, so I decided to sleep over it one night and another and another and another ... and I still feel happy with the decision.

I thought that NOW might be a good date to share all brushes again. So you can download Christmas brushes for December 24th already. Feel free to grab all 350 now.

If you like the idea of offering the brushes for free and the brushes themselves and might feel the need to give something in return, I'd be happy about a donation for the work I put into creating them. Thank you very much :)


I love extremis
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