"Just remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, but it takes action, perseverance, and facing your fears." - GA ^__~

Name: just call me shiricki ;)
Facebook: shiricki bunny
Twitter: shiricki

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Birthday: August 15th, 1982
Living in: Wonderland & Germany
Worth: $2,213,062.00
Family: Just mom and dad, no siblings
Bunnies: Wavey Blue & Fin

Studying currently:
Japanese, English, Egyptology
Studied once: Classic Archeology, Archeology of Roman Provinces

Languages: german & english fluently; learned italian, french; studying japanese and egyptian languages

Likes: JULIANNE MOORE, Gillian Anderson, creativity, obsessions, being awake all night, sushi, laughing, crying, kissing, being in love, London, England, Japan, chocolate, music, theatre, spirituality, going to the movies, children books, soundtracks

Dislikes: liars, ignorant, egocentric and unfair people, war, fights, hopelessness

Hobbies: drawing, drawing, drawing, being with friends, art, maintaining websites, designing, sewing, reading, learning movies by heart, entertaining myself with anything Julianne & Gillian related

Online since: I guess since spring 2000

Most flattering online-thing to get?
A personal fanlisting.

Random Favorites:

Actress: Julianne Moore
Anime: Serial Experiments Lain
Book: Wolfsaga
Drink: Cappuccino
Food: Sushi
Game: Legend of Zelda
Manga: Chirality
Movie: Disney's Alice in Wonderland
Place to be: Bed
Program: Photoshop
Singer: Phil Collins
Theater Play: What The Night Is For
TV Show: The X Files
TV Character: Dana Scully (XF)
TV Episode: All things (XF)
Song: Extremis

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    08.09. Gillian's birthday
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    09.22. Janine's birthday
    12.03. Julianne's birthday

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Julianne Moore

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