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Commercial use is not allowed. I do not sell any commercial licenses anymore. That means: you are not allowed to use my brushes commercially. You can use them as you want to as long as you:


It is not allowed to use my brushes on or for anything you sale or make money with. Do not use my brushes commercially in any way. Use them as you like, unless it's a for money-making purpose.

! Hereby all angelic license cards lose their validity.*
If you own one, you can destroy it, it's totally worthless! Use your paypal payment invoice as certificate of being allowed to use the specific brushset commercially.

As for everyone who bought a commercial license before December 2007:
Do not worry! You are still allowed to make money with the brushes you payed for. Nothing has changed for you and you are still legally allowed to make money with the brushsets your purchased a commercial license for. I just do not sell other commercial licenses anymore. That's all. :)

* Sadly I noticed copies of these license cards. That is why they from now on are invalid. What's still valid? Your paypal payment invoice of course. You just need this and only this to confirm that you are allowed to make money with the brushset you purchased a commercial license for.

What's okay?

+ Using my brushes for your personal artworks and layouts.
+ Using my brushes on art that supports any good cause.

What's not okay?

- Selling my brushes.
- Using the brushes on anything that you sell or make money with.

Unsure if your purpose is okay? Email me and I am more than happy to discuss all this with you.


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