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1368 Lisa [www] signed at May 20, 2007
You should think about making some Myspace layouts. ^.^

1367 Sam [www] signed at May 11, 2007
THANKS A LOT!!! as janita, you offer here so many incredible and wonderful stuff for free! how much work, and passion, behind your sites °_° thank you from the heart <3 big hugs!

1366 Stuntman [www] signed at May 5, 2007
Great website,
One of the best personal sites I've seen.
I'm to embarassed to list mine.

1365 lindsay b [www] signed at May 1, 2007
you are awesomeeee. thanks.

1364 Slipttie [www] signed at April 27, 2007
I loved your site but I could not find amm... the way to download your brushes, i'd really want to know, they're sooo cute.

Hope you answer me quickly... !

1363 FerDauz [www] signed at April 23, 2007
hii..thanks..juz download ur brushes..iur brush is very cool n nice..thanks ya~

1362 Jenne [www] signed at April 21, 2007
GEILE Site und ein noch GEILERES Layout :)
RESPEKT für dein Können ^^

1361 Aviva Lee [www] signed at April 19, 2007
Implosion? Overated. You know what is fun though? EXplosion...oh That way everybody knows how you feel, whether they like it or not.

I am saying this, possibly because I am in a terrible mood, and it is what I would do.

Keep it real in the virtual world,

1360 JiaWen [www] signed at March 30, 2007
erm.. can i know how do u make such beautiful wallpapers or even pic??

1359 Sandra [www] signed at March 27, 2007
I LOVE your brushes but they are for photoshop=[ do you think you can change them to photoshop?

1358 haadi [www] signed at March 26, 2007
can u help me with my picture?

1357 vymdiesel [www] signed at March 13, 2007
Hello, i'am a little BELGIAN

Your site is very beautyfull <3

1356 Lainey [www] signed at March 11, 2007
loving the site!!!! Wow! I'm so jealous! Anywayz, I know what design you website is now, it's Serial Experiments: Lain! I watched it before. Looks really good how you made it.

1355 Kim [www] signed at March 2, 2007
i have a question!
My question is :why i can´t download you brushes?
Please help me!
I´m from Germany and i cant speak enlish so good!

1354 Dustin [www] signed at March 2, 2007
i love your website 200 of ten stars!! I just wonder why you havn't watched the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion (Shinseki Evangelion)? it is on par with lain to me, but it may take more than one watching of the ENTIRE series, including both movies boefore you understand it. it took me four or five.

1353 aaron [www] signed at March 1, 2007
your work is extraordinary.
I give you the biggest props a person can offer.
ty for these magnificentpieces of art.

1352 Trevor "Sempai-Kun" [www] signed at February 23, 2007
heya, just randomly browsing through. the layout's color scheme looks really nice, it's very eye-poping. keep up the great work!!! ^_^

1351 pingpong [www] signed at February 14, 2007
this's good

1350 leila [www] signed at February 11, 2007
hallo. my name is leila and I am from Sweden. I like your site and I am coming back. My site is only in Swedish but I am going to fix a english site when I learn more about html. have a nice day/leila

1349 Heather [www] signed at December 29, 2006
I just wanted to stop in and tell you how much I appreciated your artwork, your site, and all of the hard work that you've put into creating the layouts and brushes for us to use..I've tried to focus in and make a few brushes...but I don't really have the patience for it :) By the way, if the illustrations on your site are done by you..they're incredible!!! The whole layout is great here..I'm glad I came across it!

1348 Nadue [www] signed at December 27, 2006
Your page looks wonderful! Can't move my eyes away... Seems like you know really much php and stuff... I wish I did. Have to learn a much ^.^ (as you can see on beeethovendotde)
So go along with that, it's really a special place here! Love it!

1347 mich [www] signed at December 23, 2006
amazing! you've given me loads of ideas after looking at all the brushes! thanx for the brushes as well! keep up the gud work!

1346 Lynn La Spisa Fuller [www] signed at December 16, 2006
I just want to let you know that I think your site is incredible! You've inspired me to create something totally new. Thank you for sharing

1345 clare [www] signed at December 14, 2006
amazing site!
you have lots of wonderful resources. :)
i downloaded some brushes and will be back to let you know if/when i have used them.

thanks a lot!

1344 karen [www] signed at December 13, 2006
Absolutely fantastic!!! What great art and a great site! Interested to try out your free brushes - thanks for being so generous!!! I'll be sure to tell everyone I can where to find you! :)

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