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1393 gen [www] signed at October 31, 2007

1392 Lauren [www] signed at October 22, 2007
Wow you must be so busy online with your.. insane amount of fanlistings! lol

You layout for this site is so awesome by the way!!

<3 Lauren

1391 SLY [www] signed at August 10, 2007
Hey.. could you make me a plugboard for me? Liyi's Blogspot.
With Butterflies around and when rollover, it wil flip over.
Contact my Email if u can't or could't
anyway.. Thanks!

1390 Angela [www] signed at August 8, 2007
Hi there Shi! it's my first time here ^^ I really love the images on your site layout,very well-blended.
A tutorial section maybe? I would love to learn ^^

Keep up the good work!

1389 liker8 [www] signed at August 7, 2007

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1388 saveouranime [www] signed at August 7, 2007
I like your site..plz check out mine and sign up plz.

1387 Nobuo [www] signed at August 6, 2007
very good web! but a litle error... is "close the world open the nexo", no "close the world open the next" this refer to the nexo, the web or internet of that world...

and sorry if this bothers you...

bye and kises

1386 o_X CoOkiE GiRLX_X [www] signed at July 30, 2007
WOOh!! i lub ur brushes <3, i download some of 'em i'll let u know if i use 'em anyway...
KooKiE kisSes!!

1385 TRiCKOT [www] signed at July 30, 2007
omg ur brushes are so cool! i love them all!:)

more power! godbless!:)

1384 Kathy [www] signed at July 20, 2007
i luv the site layout, it is so pretty! and i really like the brushes!! really amazing site!!

1383 Emilyy [www] signed at July 18, 2007
Hi!! I LOVE the site ^__^ , its absolutley AMAZING!
And OMG!! haha! I was reading the about me section.. My birthday is August 15th aswell!! Not the same year though ^__~
I also love the brushes and the time you've taken to make the site as amazing as it is ^__^


1382 KeeLy [www] signed at July 17, 2007
cool ^^ gives us more free brushes plz \(^o^)/

1381 Jen [www] signed at July 15, 2007
Such a cute shop!! I hope you get lots of sales! I started watching some anime shows on your list and I really like them! I wasnt much of an anime fan til I actually watch a few :)

1380 Dawn [www] signed at July 12, 2007
I came to visit your site. I love the brushes. Everything is so awesome! I love your work. Keep up your work. Thanks so much for free brushes!

1379 Vicki [www] signed at July 5, 2007
Thankyou soo much. your brushes will be put to good use in my personal s****booking for my four beautiful children. Thanks again your work is beautiful. I only hope I find the time now to use them well

1378 Nicole [www] signed at July 4, 2007
I hope your bunny is doing better. They are both very cute!!!
You also have beautiful artwork....

1377 zach [www] signed at June 24, 2007
do you feel like lain?
i do but a bit diffrent
it seems like people just see through me like im not there when i talk and i feel like life has repeated itself and i feel lost in this life and basicly i kinda live my life on weed and the coumputer but it feels like i went through parts of my life and i feel like i want to go insane it feels like i have no body and im here but not here at the same time i am not normal i am insane somtimes i am quite alot and yet i feel insane by myself when there people around me i feel like somthing is happeing and my life is jsut a whole play and idk basicly i guess i jsut still have to wait to see what happends to my abdoned body and useless but yet lonley soul

1376 '_Victoria // [www] signed at June 19, 2007
Hey Shiricki, i love your sites! (especially your animanga message board...but back to!)
I love the brushes and the fonts and everything, and the layouts are so creative...nice work!!

love victoria
ps. i love drawing too, i used to lack talent so i copied from i'm better ^^

1375 cristina [www] signed at June 18, 2007

1374 jenny [www] signed at June 17, 2007
thank you so much. it was hard to find a brush site for photoshop6.0

1373 broddelkopp [www] signed at June 16, 2007
very nice website.thanks very much for the wonderfull brushes.

1372 spes [www] signed at June 10, 2007
your site is amazing! i love your drawings

1371 LanOuh [www] signed at June 7, 2007
Why did u delete my message ?...
It wasnt a virus..

1370 Mousee [www] signed at May 29, 2007
I love your drawing, i love to draw as well. for a drawing class we had to draw ourselves with only a mirror to look from after i got done everyone said it look will good and it looked like. Drawing is my passion.

1369 Telma [www] signed at May 20, 2007
I downloaded some of your free brushes! They are really beatiful!
Thanks for sharing them!

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