If you have a minute, please sign my guestbook too. I am happy about every entry, message or whatever you want to leave. thanks for considering to take the time .

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1418 mary [www] signed at May 15, 2008
Hello just wanted to say that I put button on my favorite site on my site. I love your site and ur brushes too

1417 Sil [www] signed at May 11, 2008
Well I've downloaded looots of your brushes and they're simply amazing, I'm a beiginner at photoshoping but they're really helpfull.
I gotta say Thaanks, I rly apreciate it and keep it going n.n

1416 Lynn [www] signed at May 8, 2008
I like your site, Your bunnies are really cute ! I'm from Holland, I find your site on the web. And I was totally in love with your brushes. I did have signed up, but i can't use them for psp XL.

Best wishes.

1415 yat [www] signed at April 25, 2008
wow..simply amazing..your site is so cool..=]..i noticed that you like anime..hehehe..i downloaded most of your brushes and its cool that its make my artwok more cooler..great..bravo..iloveit..thanks to you..but how can i download your secret brush? do i really have to make donation? i hope you wont mind to give me some tips on your brushes..

keep rockin =]

1414 Katie Marriott [www] signed at April 17, 2008
I think your site is incredibly beautiful.
It's inspiring.
I've downloaded some of your brushes and they just make my art work fantastic.
I am so thankful. Take care!!

1413 Silver [www] signed at April 12, 2008
Wow, simply wow. I have just gotten adobe photoshop 6.0, and can't make anything compared to this. Not only that, but I see you like anime. I also noticed you have only watched the OVA's of Rurouni Kenshin.. I would suggest watching all of the episodes before the fillers started. I've gotten many a laugh from them. Also, I think DN Angel is a good choice. I just finished them, and I was surprised at how good they were :3
Well, just stopping by to say that you are very skilled, and suggest a few things you might want to watch.
Your bunnies are very cute :3

1412 Julie [www] signed at April 11, 2008
ok... I'm a beginner at this and i have corel photoshop, and i tried downloading your brushes and put it onto my photoshop BUT when i click on the brushes it wouldn't work. how is it possible for me to put it on there when it don't even work.

1411 Cary [www] signed at April 9, 2008
Hey you.
this site is very pretty.
my only problem.. i signed up but can't log in. a error is shown to me.
what couls this mean ? and what can i do to get the possibility to download your brushs ?

1410 ravin [www] signed at April 7, 2008
ive never seen such a beautiful site as this one..and thanks alot for your brushes..please keep up the good work ,)

1409 William [www] signed at March 23, 2008
This site is so awesome! I am definietly adding it to my favorites!

1408 Wendy Bartley [www] signed at February 15, 2008
I love this site. the mouse overs are cool and I truly love all the work you put into the brushes. I make slides for the big screen at my church and these add the touch that they have been needing. Thank You.

1407 Camille [www] signed at February 6, 2008
ii love your site

1406 Pinku Chita [www] signed at February 3, 2008
ooooy - a guestbook! and i finally found it, after so many years ;___; haha, hey shi-schatzi die rosane will dich hugglen und smoochen und *peepen* ... wer war das!? AWWW!

1405 wanwisa [www] signed at January 17, 2008
Thank you so so ..much for awesome stuff here. it's help me a lot.

1404 Artemis [www] signed at January 5, 2008
you've got wonderful brushes and website! :) you should create a dA account. :D

1403 smokyvalley [www] signed at December 31, 2007
your work is so haunting; As much as I enjoy it, it makes me sad.

1402 Kate [www] signed at December 29, 2007
I love your layout! Absolutely my favorite anime ever. Simply amazing.

1401 novia [www] signed at December 26, 2007
nice ..

1400 Amanda [www] signed at December 22, 2007
Your brushes are beautiful and I wish I could use them for paint shop pro since I dont have photoshop. I have read what people have asked in the past about you converting the brushes to paintshop.. and I understand you dont have any interest in using the program. I use the program for layouts and different things.. If you could think about maybe putting the different brushes in every set on a white page and making it a link so people who dont use photoshop can use your brushes on other programs. I think it would be great if you did that.. Thanks

1399 thuyvan [www] signed at December 20, 2007

1398 tapi [www] signed at December 14, 2007
i like your brushes a lot and want to download them but there is a problem logging in. no idea why? it always shows error!

1397 marquette [www] signed at December 9, 2007
I love your site, and thank you for offering the scripts and such that you do. I am trying to put my site together, and your site has given me a boost and inspired my imagination! But I do have ONE question: I totally understand not using your brushes to make things to sell, but I MIGHT be selling my OWN pixel art on my site, and would it be ok if I used your brushes to make MY layout? I want something that is different from what I want to offer, should I decide to make some of my art 'purchaseware'. Your brushes would NOT be used in what I sell. Only in making my layout.

1396 Iris [www] signed at December 1, 2007
hey, love your site! as well as your brushes! :)
mind having some tips and tricks for brush makers and brush enthusiasts out there? :D

i'll appreciate that much more!
keep rockin'. love yer brushes xo much! ♥

1395 makai [www] signed at November 30, 2007
ur layouts are cute...but i dnt knw wer i can use it...are those for myspace?

1394 Karin [www] signed at November 24, 2007
ho! It`s realy asm! good wrok! congratulation you must be happy, don`t you? n.n I really like your page, I will visit it all days n.n

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