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1343 Miyunami [www] signed at December 9, 2006
ZOMG!! ur brushes are totally pwnage material!! Love it!! ^^
Good job!!
and the layouts too... ^^

1342 Leon [www] signed at December 8, 2006
I'll be honest; I'm not really too fond of the brushes given, but they are pretty and I couldn't do better. I really actually love your layout. SEL is a good anime, although it's been a while since I saw it. Anyway, I'm listing you on my Resources bit for some friends and such. :D

1341 Athena [www] signed at December 8, 2006
GASP! *faints* so pretty... I love the brushes, and the layouts, and the bunny pictures, and, yeah. so pretty. 1846 out of 10.

1340 abigail [www] signed at December 8, 2006
HELLO. ZOMG. I love(AND ADORE) this site. You totally rock!! All the brushes are soooo nice and deserve honors!! XD I like those layouts too [esp ones featuring chobits] [; yepp. Just here to say thanks. You're really generous ;D I'm your number 1 fan! -oops, gtta run.. other fans are coming to honk me!-

1339 Maisie [www] signed at December 4, 2006
I love your brushes!
Are you selling the brushes that re not free? I see some I'd love to have!
I am downloading your christmas goodies!
Thank you for those also!!

1338 amy [www] signed at December 3, 2006
i have a question? how do you download them? :x its unclickable :[

1337 WeetzieBat [www] signed at December 2, 2006
They weren't kidding when they said you had a lot of free brushes... i thank you greatly for being so generous!

1336 munirah [www] signed at November 25, 2006
GREAT WORK MAN!!! love ur brushes, layouts and all!! keep on rocking on your fantastic work!

1335 Aviva [www] signed at November 15, 2006
i know exactly what you mean about spammers. I too hope they die painfully. same with direct linkers. i hope they suffer even more painfully lol. Anyhoo, I am a huge fan of your sites and work, good job! keep it up ;)

by the way if you are gong to click on the link I gave you to my minisite thingumer, plz keep in mind that it is a huge work in progress lol.

anyhoo, see ya

1334 Kori [www] signed at November 10, 2006
I love this sitteee! It makes me all... happy inside. XD You are indeed talented. .___. You are my ultimate idol!
-bows and feels sadly retarded-

1333 Nerdie [www] signed at November 9, 2006
Wow! I love Angleic Trust! Wuw. But I guess that's not much coming from me...

1332 tanis [www] signed at October 25, 2006
love ps

1331 Flamelta [www] signed at October 22, 2006
Wow, this site is awsome! The organization and how things are put is really amazing! The layout rocks too!

1330 Lexi [www] signed at October 16, 2006
I love your site! You always have something worth reading that can help anyone. A remember a while back you had brushes up for download if you recived donations. I had to wait a while to save up enough so I could (i know how exspinsive it can be to have a site ) but it seems your brush section is down as well as the donation link you had.

Are you going to put it back up? I adored your brushes..

1329 Stephanie [www] signed at October 10, 2006
Wow! You have an awesome site here! I really like your layout, it's really awesome. Keep up the awesome work here. ;D

1328 nixon [www] signed at October 8, 2006
hello....i was looking for a new blogskin and wondering how people do their own blogskin....
i went to and saw one i like then i saw erm...if you know how to create my own skin, could you email?

1327 hannah [www] signed at October 6, 2006
i really like your site. ... reallly cute

1326 Tiffany [www] signed at October 3, 2006
I love your site! its soooo cool!

1325 Jennifer [www] signed at September 28, 2006
i lov angelic-trust! it's soo cool! and i don't mind if u don't or do answer, i probably won't check. (',~)

1324 rachael [www] signed at September 23, 2006
Hello. Your very talented with HTML nice layout. It's cool. Keep up the great work :0)

1323 Eleina [www] signed at September 21, 2006
hello there! I would like to say that you have an awesome sight! One of my friends refer me to your site as well. I actually went here like 2 years ago. But I forgot your url. Anyway, I would like to ask how did you do that: viewing source codes to hide?

I am sorry I don't mean to be rude. One of my friend who refer your site told me about this as well. Then out of curiosity I tried viewing codes as well but I don't have any intentions on copying any of your site's design. That is because I know how it feels whenever somebody copies all your css. It really takes time to make codes that's why I could bear with you. I do hope to get a reply from you and more power to your site! Keep it up!

1322 Chris [www] signed at September 13, 2006
just wanted to say your artwork is amazing, made me want to know more about you!

1321 powder [www] signed at August 30, 2006
shiricki, can you teach me how did you do your security codes , can you teach me please please please!!! ^_^ by the way, i LOVE YOUR SITE!!!,, you rock!.. hope you read this ;p

1320 smiley ;) [www] signed at August 22, 2006
nice blogggie !! ;)

1319 Reem [www] signed at August 20, 2006
this is my frist visit to ur website and i luv it already.... i already added it to my favotrites so i can come back again and again.....
btw if u need any help with learning Arabic language (even though my egyption accent ain't that great) contact me (maybe i can help)....

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