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1443 reduex2 [www] signed at December 30, 2009
was just browsing along and dropped in. enjoyed my stay and thankking you for the inspiration.

1442 ning [www] signed at September 21, 2009
i love ur work :]

1441 Curious [www] signed at August 20, 2009
I am so glad I found this site! I actually found someone who has made brushes for photoshop 6! Thank you so much. Your brushes are awesome!

1440 Paige [www] signed at July 13, 2009
It doesn't let me log in?

1439 monikat [www] signed at April 24, 2009
Thanks so much for sharing your brushes! You have a great site! Wish you all the best and a fantastic year.

1438 fatima sufe [www] signed at April 18, 2009
this is an awsome site!!!!!! i love all your brushes!!!!!!!! i edited a lot of fun pictures with it!!!!!!


1437 kourai [www] signed at March 25, 2009
Aww.. it's such a shame you close your blog, it's been such an inspiration for me over the years, and i've learn so much from you all this time...
I hope you are better... and i certainly hope you come back eventually to post...
By the way, i've been wondering the last few months, is there a way to contact Chita? Like a blog or something?

1436 Eva [www] signed at March 25, 2009
I am back ... I miss Shiricki's updates! How is your broken rib? Are you feeling better? *hugs* How is Wavey Blue? And Lain? :3

1435 Tammy [www] signed at March 10, 2009
The site is awesome, well put together and I'm still learning my way around. Thank-you for sharing your talent.

1434 Eva [www] signed at March 9, 2009
Oh Shi, I will miss your updates very much! *hugs* Give the bunnies hugs for me too?

1433 bicklyy [www] signed at March 8, 2009
thx :) & nice site !

1432 Jennifer [www] signed at December 26, 2008
I love your site ^^ Beautiful graphics and I love your brushes ! Amazing job.

1431 Nareiko [www] signed at November 22, 2008
Dear Shiricki,

Great handmade things! They are so cute and lovely~ Haven't been browsing sites for so many years and I am glad to find so many interesting new things from your site!

I am going to use one of your free layout for my blog soon~ ^ ^ <- doesn't remember how to create layouts anymore

**PS: I hate those spams D= Must be irritating, ne?

1430 Cheshire-Cat [www] signed at August 15, 2008
Happy Birthday!
I love your stuff all these pretty things an Alice in Wonderlaaaand :D
So cute, I could give you all my money ^^
wish you a very god day!

♫♫ Heut ist dein nicht nicht Gebutstag♫♫ ^^

<3 Vera

1429 d [www] signed at August 10, 2008
nice site

1428 anien [www] signed at August 3, 2008
GOD! THIS SITE IS BRILLIANT! Will credit you in my site! OMG, I'm speechless!

1427 Fran [www] signed at July 31, 2008
I love your site :) my friend told me i could get some free brushes from you, but i never expected to see a web site like this! Your bunnies are adorable and you have reignited my love for photoshop. I created an art work using nothing but your brushes, looks kinda cool :) Thank you so much! ill be donating some money to you as soon as i get some myself!! Id hate to see all of your hard work go to nothing. LOVE IT. THAX

1426 Baka Neko [www] signed at July 20, 2008
hi ^^
hu, I'm kind of stalking you atm, but don't worry I just wanna play - err, I mean, I'm harmless ^^
Looks like our anime taste matches in some points, so I guess I will check out some of your favourites :)
Your stuff is awesome, I'm still impressed by your creativeness *___* (does this word even exist? no matter... I use it anyway)
I'm curious - where's your nick from? has it any meaning?

have a happy not-birthday!

1425 raghad [www] signed at July 10, 2008
it's very butifull and good thanks alot

1424 sleepysheep [www] signed at July 4, 2008
Hi there..
thanx 4 your wonderful brushes. It's really help me in photoshoping.
I'm sorry to hear about your rabbit. I also have a rabbit. His name is hunny (like honey).
In the first time I thought that he was a girl, but when he grew up, I realized that he is a boy. So I gave it a name like a girl's.
Hope you can get better soon.

1423 Luthien [www] signed at June 29, 2008
Kawaii (^^,)

1422 Yu [www] signed at June 7, 2008
I would like to say thank you for your lovely brushes. Everything is enchanting and in short, i LOVE your works!! I will continue supporting you!

1421 krystel [www] signed at June 5, 2008
cOOL brushes!...its so cute...cutie cutie PROMISE!>..

1420 CIndy [www] signed at May 25, 2008
hot site

1419 vietpucca [www] signed at May 24, 2008
just wanna say thanks for the lovely brushes!!!

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