Fanlisting count: 25

Some sites I did, feature multiple fanlistings, that means for example that I did one fanlisting site for anime and manga, however these are two different fanlistings. But you only have to visit one site for both, not meaning you have to join both. =)

Last all around fanlisting update was on: September 01, 2023

Kipper's Sandcastle
For: Kipper
For: Janosch's Traumstunde
Doctor Snuggles
For: Doctor Snuggles
Land of Nod
For: Anime & Manga
Life Lessons
For: Golden Boy & Kintaro Oe
Spirits Within
For: Mononoke Hime, San, Ashitaka, Moro, Kodama
For: Serial Experiments Lain
Grave of the Fireflies
For: The Grave of the Fireflies, Seita, Setsuko
I am a Kodama
For: Studio Ghibli Movies
House of Mirth
For: House of Mirth, Lily Bart
The Mighty
For: The Mighty
For: Girl Interrupted: Lisa Rowe
Gillian Movies
For: Gillian Anderson Movies
The Speed of Light
For: The Speed of Light
Playing by Heart
For: Playing by Heart
For: Wolfsaga
All things
For: The X-Files: All things
Can't get enough
For: Sushi
Drinke me
For: Cappuccino
Legend of Zelda
For: Legend of Zelda Series
For: Wolves
For: Hal featuring Gillian Anderson: Extremis
What the Night is for
For: What the Night is For
The Sweetest Swing in Baseball
For: The Sweetest Swing in Baseball
Starlight Express
For: Starlight Express


I love extremis
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cute things you can buy ^^